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If you are paying by check or money order, please mail it in to:

Denise Peters
P.O. Box 2693
Crystal Lake IL 60039-2693

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To Pay via PayPal, please continue below.

Please click on the PayPal logo which represents the level of membership you have chosen.

"Individual" Supporting Membership categories "Couple" Supporting Membership categories
Intended for Crossdressers or Spouse/Partner  For Crossdressers and spouse/partner
New New Special savings 2 Year Option*

Annual Individual $30 

Annual Couple $40 
2 Year Individual  $53 
2 Year Couples $71 
Sustaining Member  $96 
Sustaining Couple $120 
2 Year Sustaining $160 
2 Year Sustaining Couple $200 
Lifetime Member  $300 
Lifetime Couple $400 
Misc Payments