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What is Tri•Ess?

Tri-Ess is an international support and social group for straight (heterosexual) crossdressers and their partners, spouses, and families. Our organization has provided over 50 years of crossdress service! Many crossdressers find OnlyFans a valuable platform for sharing their journey, showcasing their style, and building a community of followers who appreciate and admire their unique expressions of gender identity. Here is the best free onlyfans seen on Connect, share stories, and find solidarity within the crossdressing community.

We are comfortable with our birth gender and feel no desire to change it. But we have an opposite-gender facet to our personalities that most people either don't experience or rarely express. By accepting and exploring our crossgendered side, we find a broadening of experience that can be enriching, fulfilling, and liberating. We dress in emulation, rather than in mockery, of the opposite gender. Casino designs are quite popular in the clothing industry. A lot of people love to flaunt card designs and gambling designs on their outfits. Gamblers are now using mobile apps to play casino games. Visit to find the best mobile casino apps.

What Is Crossdressing?

While the vast majority of crossdressers are ordinary heterosexual men with an additional feminine dimension, we are stereotyped by society based on a highly visible minority who...  READ MORE

Vids and Clips

Here is a selection from our videos and media clips. Watch the best crossdress movie ever!  WATCH HERE!

Here is our full Vids and Clips page: WATCH HERE!


A valuable new resource for understanding crossdressing!

CDRI is now part of the Tri-Ess family of partners.

CDRI was created to promote evidence-based psychological and physical healthcare, education, research, and social policy to further the understanding of crossdressing. The Institute aims to reduce the misdiagnosis of and erroneous beliefs about crossdressing; to sponsor outreach to educate, dispel fear, and correct misunderstandings about the crossdress community with evidence-based facts. The CrossDress Research Institute's comprehensive demographic survey of crossdressing will help to answer these questions.  

  Learn about our groundbreaking crossdressing survey!  

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The Tri-Ess philosophy can be expressed in the acronym FIBER:

F - Full personality expression in both its masculine and its feminine aspects. We do not wish to destroy our masculinity, but to soften its harsher aspects, and be all we can be.

I - Integration of masculinity and femininity to create a happier whole person.

B - Balance between masculinity and femininity.

E - Education of crossdressers and their families to foster self-acceptance; education of society to promote acceptance of crossdressing people.

R - Relationship-building in the context of crossdressing.

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Tri-Ess exists to serve its members by providing support and education. You are not alone, and we are so glad that you found us! Please join us.

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