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For Updating Mailing/contact info on EXISTING memberships, ONLY.  

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 STEP 1 Enter Present & Updated Information

Please fill out the following Change Of Information form and click the "Submit" button at the bottom, so that Denise Peters, the Tri-Ess Membership Director will be made aware of your new information. Be sure to indicate when the old address will no longer work, and when the new address takes effect, so that the Femme Mirror, Sweetheart Connection, and other materials from Tri-Ess can be properly addressed to you, depending on when they are mailed out.


To verify your update  we need the following information
as it is presently on our records

If your information does not match our records the update will not be accepted

EXISTING Renewal-Tri-Ess number:    Example: IL-8233-S 
Femme Name
Mailing Name:
Mailing Address 1:

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(Please change ONLY the information which is new.)

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If you have a couples membership, please enter Changed Spouse/Partner Information Below 
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Spouse/Partner Mailing Info

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Mailing Address 1:
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Phone (optional):

   PART D (This Part for Wives - Partners ONLY)

If you are a wife or partner, check here to have another wife, a Tri-Ess "Caring Friend", contact you 

by mail (provide address above)
by E-mail (provide address above)
Optional: Telephone Number (provide above)
Ask for: 

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This page updated: 07/29/06


For your security, The Society makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of all contributors, members and applicants. Your true identity, personal check  information are safe with us.

[The terms used herein assume the Crossdresser is male. Female Crossdressers are also welcome. Please write Tri-Ess for detailed information.]

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