CDTRIESS  is a support forum for the heterosexual crossdresser.  It is a place to get answers to some of your most intimate crossdressing questions from people who have been there.  It is also a place for those who have been there to help those who are new to openly expressing themselves without societies gender restrictions.


1.   Subscription is free.

2.   The forum is limited to current full members of Tri-Ess.

3.   The forum is for crossdressers only.  Crossdresser's spouses or significant others are not permitted.

4.  We do not flame, bash, or trash anyone on this Forum. We do not post ad hominem remarks or arguments.

5. We do not advertise anything on this forum. That includes "personals." We understand that this is a place for dialogue and conversation and not an advertising medium.

6. We do not transmit pictures here. We agree that such communications are better done in private between consenting parties.

7. Our postings adhere to sensible standards of verbal propriety. We try to be respectful and polite in what we say. We treat one another with dignity and respect.

8. We do not engage in solicitation of sexual services. We understand that this Forum is not used for solicitations of any kind.

9. Dialogues concerning transexual issues are not part of this forum. This is a Tri-Ess Forum and is limited to the concerns of heterosexual crossdressers and their families.

10. The members of this Forum have agreed to respect the confidentiality of their fellow Forum members. We have agreed not to share the content of this forum with anyone outside of it, without permission of the Supervisory Board AND THE EXPLICIT PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINATOR OF ANY EMAIL ADDRESS OR POST.

11. We understand that web pages and website addresses are not posted on this forum without prior approval of the moderators of the list. However;  Tri-Ess provides an extensive list of approved links members can post whenever they wish. This Forum does not link to anywhere else.

12. Politics and religion are acceptable subjects for discussion on this forum. Political or religious recruiting, agitating, or attacking groups of people, is inappropriate and will be severely sanctioned.

We want everyone to understand that Tri-Ess Forum is not an "open" forum where anything goes. It is a private Forum for Tri-Ess members who wish to seriously discuss their concerns about their crossdressing and the issues in their lives that arise because of their crossdressing. It is meant to be a place where Tri-Ess members can help one another with their crossdressing concerns. You are invited to participate in it in that spirit. If these operating protocols are not acceptable to you we suggest that you find another forum where you can express yourself.

We also want you to understand how these protocols will be managed by the Supervisory Board that operates the Forum. Those participants who, in the view of the Supervisory Board, have breached the protocols will encounter responses ranging from a gentle admonition to monitoring of their postings to suspension or expulsion of the Forum.
Such actions are entirely at the discretion of the Supervisory Board.


To join CDTRIESS send an email with the following statement and info.  

I agree to comply with the established protocol for the CDTRIESS forum and would like to subscribe.
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A forum for cd's significant others.


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We welcome everyone of all ages. This is not an adult site nor do we link to adult sites.

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