Listserves are designed as a forum for all genetic women involved with crossdressers.

Subscription is free and is limited to female spouses or partners of any crossdresser, regardless if crossdresser is Tri-Ess member or not.

Crossdressers, DO NOT APPLY, this area is for GG females only.

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Our CDSO listserve is email based. There is no log-in site. Subscriptions are approved by our supervisory board. 

Participants on these services are guests in a house owned by Tri-Ess. While membership in Tri-Ess is not required, it is expected that all participants will treat with respect the sponsoring organization and the officers of this list. 

Please read this carefully and in its entirety. If you feel you can abide by our rules and participate in the spirit of our list, please fill out the application on the next page.

This list is intended to be a safe haven for women to discuss, find, and offer support in the context of their marriage/partnerships with heterosexual crossdressing husbands. Think of it as a type of incubator, if you will. We have many women just finding out about their husbands' crossdressing, and are in the grip of a fear and turmoil unlike any other they have faced. We have many women who have accepted and appreciated their husbands' crossdressing, and we have many women who do not accept ANY part of it! All are OK on this forum. Because of varying experiences, we will have our disagreements, but courtesy is an absolute requirement. 

ANYONE who tries to create a hostile atmosphere by inflammatory postings will be immediately and severely sanctioned by the Supervisory Board. 

#1. No flames... If you disagree with an opinion please do so with courtesy and respect. Don't attack the person. Sarcastic, caustic, and hostile remarks directed toward a listmember will be considered flaming. 

#2. Those of you with strong, militant transsexual attachments, please move on. This list is not for you. For the purposes of this list, those with "militant transsexual attachments" are defined as those who actively promote transsexualism. Your feelings about TSism are your own business. Feel free to contact other members privately to discuss this. The question, "Could my husband be a transsexual?" is NOT considered out of line, as this is a huge fear many women face. Transsexual issues are a point of much controversy. Many of us have been subjected to recruitment techniques aimed at convincing crossdressers they are transsexuals. In reality, this is absolutely not true, so to avoid creating a hostile environment, we have banned public discussions of the pros and cons of transsexualism. 

Our focus is small by intent. CDSO is not intended to be a "melting pot" for discussions of gay, lesbian, bi, and/or transsexual issues. Its sole intent is directed toward the issues surrounding Crossdressing. 

#3. No advertisements! If you are in doubt about the acceptability of something, please forward it to me. 

#4. NO postings, and NO subscriptions, from crossdressers. Not your husbands or your boyfriends... This is for US. 

#5. Many subscribers to this forum are uncomfortable seeing people crossdressed. For the comfort of all, transmission of crossdressing photos on the forum will not be allowed. Such transmission can be done by private e-mail, among consenting parties. 

#6. No posting of addresses of web pages or web sites without prior approval from the Supervisory Board. NO exceptions. 

#7. If you disagree or have a comment to make regarding any disciplinary action taken by the Supervisory Board, please contact a member of the board directly and by PRIVATE email. The list is not the place for a debate about the rules and regulations. They are in place, and they will be enforced. 

#8. This forum is for the honest and open sharing of feelings and mutual support. Any publication without permission of anything posted here will be treated as a violation of security and punished by permanent expulsion at the first offense. 

#9. Politics and religion are acceptable subjects for discussion on this forum. Political or religious propaganda, recruiting, agitating, or attacking groups of people, is inappropriate and will be severely sanctioned.

Changes in email addresses, subscription details, and general mechanics of the list should be directed to: Jane Ellen

Our list has grown tremendously since its inception. Our mission is to provide a safe place for women to be honest in their feelings about their crossdressing husbands or partners, to work through problems, to gain insight, to seek accurate information, to nurture our own self esteem, and to offer and receive support. 

The Supervisory Board
Moderator: Pat & Carol