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So you'd like some information on Tri-Ess? Who is Tri-Ess, what do we do, and how can we help you, the budding crossdresser? Well, you've come to the right place dear! Fill out the form below, and all will be revealed! 

Dear Sister:

Please fill out the following Information Request form and click the "Submit" button at the bottom, and I will see to it that you get the information you need. We're so happy that you are interested in Tri-Ess, and we hope that soon after you receive your information packet, you will be clicking the Membership Application link on the main page, so that Denise Peters, the Tri-Ess Membership Director will be able to sign you up, and get all your new membership materials sent out to you!

     Please take special care that you post your e-mail address correctly.  If one character is wrong, our replies to you will bounce.  That leaves us with an empty feeling, knowing there is a sister who needs information, and we are unable to reach her.  In particular, be sure that under linings are included, each character is correct, and your server is listed and spelled correctly.  Capitalization is usually not relevant, but why not make sure it is accurate also?  We want to make sure that each inquirer receives the information she is seeking.  Thank you so much!

Jane Ellen Fairfax

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