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To Our New Applicants:

Please be aware that it takes time to process your membership application.  Our Membership Director, Denise Peters, is very efficient, but she has a very heavy workload.  She has to receive your application, process it, deposit your check, compile your new member's package, and send it out to you, even as she works on a variety of reports and counsels with individuals on membership questions.  Please allow about three weeks from the sending of your application to the receiving of your new member's package.  Thank you so much for your patience and consideration.

STEP 1 Enter Membership type desired

Please select one of the categories and levels of suggested minimum supporting memberships shown below:

"Individual" Supporting Membership categories "Couple" Supporting Membership categories
Intended for Crossdressers or Spouse/Partner  For Crossdressers and spouse/partner
New - 16.7% Special savings 2 Year Option* New - 16.7% Special savings 2 Year Option*

Annual $30 per year -   $53 for two years*                     Annual $40 per year -   $71 for two years*                              
Sustaining $96 per year - $160 for two years*                Sustaining $120 per year Sustaining $200 per year*              
Life Member $300 one time payment*                                Life Member $400 one time payment*                                           

*Payment in full is required for these categories. Crossdressers financially unable to afford the minimum annual contribution amounts shown above should write for optional payment plans, reduced payments or waiver.



Please check the appropriate statements:

I am over 18 years of age  

I am A Crossdresser; -defined as an individual, typically a heterosexual male, who occasionally chooses to make a social role presentation considered appropriate for persons of the opposite genetic sex, for the purpose of personal expression, without the intention of entering a program leading to sex reassignment surgery, and without attempting to attract a partner of the same genetic sex.

NOTE: Application will not be processed if the above statements are not checked.

Check here to have a Tri-Ess "Big Sister" contact you by mail (or E-mail).

Check here if you wish to be contacted by the nearest Tri-Ess Chapter


 STEP 2 Enter Mailing Information


If you are a former member of Tri-Ess please give your membership number, 
if possible, state of residence at the time, 
and the femme name used for your previous membership

Previous Tri-Ess number: 
Previous Femme Name


CD 0r Individual Mailing Information

Femme Name:
Mailing Name:

Mailing Address 1:
Mailing Address 2:
State/PROVINCE:  Zip or Postal Code:
 Phone (optional):
Check here to indicate a wife joining as an Individual. If applicable, please give the 
membership number of your Cross-dressing partner Then skip to part D
Spouse-Partner info follows

If This is a Couples Application, please enter Spouse/Partner Information Below 
in PART C or skip to PART D



Spouse/Partner Mailing Info

Same mailing address as above
Mailing Name:


Mailing Address 1:
Mailing Address 2:
State/province: Zip or Postal Code:
Phone (optional):

   PART D (This Part for Wives - Partners ONLY)

If you are a wife or partner, check here to have another wife, a Tri-Ess "Caring Friend", contact you

by mail (provide address above)
by E-mail (provide address above)
Optional: Telephone Number (provide above)
Ask for: 

Optional: Secure E-Mail Address   


STEP 3  Payment

Payment Type: Made out to "Tri-Ess"

DO NOT exit from any of the following forms, we need them all to process your application.

If NOT paying by Pay Pal, please exit from the payment page, not here.

If paying by Pay Pal, use our payment form ONLY, do not pay direct. 

If paying by check or Money Order, make payable to "Tri-Ess" and send the payment to: 

Denise Peters
P.O. Box 2693
Crystal Lake IL 60039-2693

E-mail:[email protected]

Please enter below the name on your check or Pay Pal account so we can match the payment up with this application. If paying by Money Order, place your Mailing Name on the MO.

Account Name:

When done, press SUBMIT to send your application in by e-mail - - - To print, use your browser's PRINT button


Acceptance Mark


For your security, The Society makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of all contributors, members and applicants. Your true identity, personal check  information are safe with us.

[The terms used herein assume the Crossdresser is male. Female Crossdressers are also welcome. Please write Tri-Ess for detailed information.]

The Society for the Second Self, Inc.
PO Box 980638
Houston, TX 77098-0638

Tri-Ess E-mail: [email protected]

Tri-Ess Telephone Helpline: 713-349-9910