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Applications for Tri-Ess membership should be sent by First Class Mail only!  Do *not*  send anything via Certified or Registered Mail.  Please send all applications/payments, etc, by First Class Mail, to Membership Director as follows:
Denise Peters
P.O. Box 2693
Crystal Lake, IL 60039-2693

Make checks/money orders payable to: TRI-ESS

"Individual" Supporting Membership categories "Couple" Supporting Membership categories
Intended for Crossdressers only (see definitions) For Crossdressers and spouses or female partners
Special savings 2 Year Option* Special savings 2 Year Option*

   ___ $30 per year -   
   ___ $53 for two years*
   ___$40 per year    
   ___$71 for two years*
   ___$96 per year - 
   ___$160 for two years*
   ___$120 per year  
   ___$200 for two years*
  ___Life Member $300 one time payment*    ___Life Member $400 one time payment*

*Payment in full is required for these categories. Crossdressers financially unable to afford the minimum annual contribution amounts shown above should write for optional payment plans, reduced payments or waiver.

___Other, Please specify your optional or additional gift amount $__________

Please check the appropriate statements:
___ I am - OR ___ I am not - over eighteen (18) years of age.
___ I am - OR ___ I am not - A CROSSDRESSER; - defined as an individual, typically a heterosexual male, who occasionally chooses to make a social role presentation considered appropriate for persons of the opposite genetic sex, for the purpose of personal expression, without the intention of entering a program leading to sex reassignment surgery, and without attempting to attract a partner of the same genetic sex.

   Signature: ______________________________________________   Date: __________________________
Note: your femme signature is satisfactory.


If you are a former member of Tri-Ess please give your membership number, 
if possible, state of residence at the time, and the femme name used for your previous membership

Previous Tri-Ess number __________ Name___________________________ State ___


___Check here to have a Tri-Ess "Big Sister" contact you by mail/E-mail
___Check here if you wish to be contacted by the nearest Tri-Ess Chapter


Membership Directory:  Our member directory is now published on-line, after you submit your application, you will receive a information  for submission of your directory information.  Any questions should be directed to


Personal Info

Crossdressers ( Wives may also join as an 'Individual')
Femme Name __________________________________________________________

Mailing Info
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City, State and Zip + 4 ___________________________________________________

(Optional Info)

E-Mail______________________________  Check Here _____If OK to publish E-mail in Member Directory
Web Site URL______________________________________ Check Here _____If OK to publish URL in Member Directory


___ For "Spouse/Partner" (Mailing Address if different from above)

Spouse/Partner's name or other adopted name to be used _________________________
Mailing Name(s) ________________________________________________________if different than above.
Mailing Address Line 1 ___________________________________________________
 Optional           Line 2 ___________________________________________________
City, State and Zip + 4 ___________________________________________________

___Check here to indicate a wife joining as an Individual
       Please give the membership number of your Crossdressing partner __________________
___If you are a wife or partner, check here to have another wife, a Tri-Ess "Caring Friend", contact you 
___ by mail (provide address above)
 ___ by E-mail at _______________________.
Optional: Telephone Number (in case we need to contact you) ___________________
Ask for: ____________________

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